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"Hi Good Morning, word of mouth on the street says that K-9 dogfood are the best in the market. I have a 5 year old & a 8 month old German Shepherd and we want to change over to K9 Pet Foods...please send some samples to us, we'd love to try the other products in the range, many thanks."


Mark Gavin Sylvester

"This is by far the best dog food I have used for my dog, he loves the pellets and it's all natural and it doesn't give him an upset tummy... definitely recommend it!"


Tony Barrows

"Hi Ragiema, Victor, thanks so much for the call today. Good to hear that you are happy I shared the K9 site :-)
I’ll make up a monthly order and send to you at the end of the week. Don’t know what I would have done without K9 frozen! It totally stopped my Jack Russell’s itching skin (but it did take me 11 years to discover K9 Pet Foods– Shandy is now almost 17 so still very grateful!) I have also just adopted a dachsie from the Cape Dachshund Rescue Group so have to double up on my usual store of food - thanks again guys!"


Carol Sherwin



“Let me tell you all about K9 Pet Foods – that’s dog food! I've got two dogs, understand they are my family. Now I am conservative, I don’t like change and got convinced to try K9. To introduce K9 Pet Foods I mixed the usual pellets with K9 Pet Foods to see how it goes. No problem – they picked out the K9 Pet Foods and rejected the old pellets. Now its K9 Pet Foods all the way – wagging tails, shiny coats and sparkling eyes. Hey, I also win – good price and they even eat less. Must be getting all the goodness they need. And they call this a dogs life?”



Don Byers

PS. Even get the K9 Pet Foods delivered to the gate :)



"I love K9 Pet Foods for the convenience of having my dog food delivered. I travel a lot and it is so handy having one less thing to worry about when I am planning a trip. My dog Peppa loves the food, I mix the pellets with the cooked food as a gravy. Peppa is looking robust and healthy after a year on K9 Pet Food."


Sam Kelly 




"We've got two Pugs, Molly and Binx who were rescued from abusive homes. Both have had issues with feeding and diet when we took them into our homes, we tried most of the premium brands and combinations but with little success. We finally heard about K9 Pet Foods and tried the Generation pellets and cooked meals together... needless to say we've never looked back, Molly and Binx are happy with no further health problems to report - the also love the dry protein treats "


Richard & Meghan Paxton 



"A quick note to say how much our dogs are loving K9 and they are looking great on it. I am especially appreciative of your service. I love being able to text my order and have it delivered either the next day or even sometimes the same day! "


Thank you 

Judith Newby

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