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K9 Pet Foods has stayed true to the original objective, to provide pets with healthy natural meals.

This objective is achieved by using human grade ingredients and not using any preservatives, colourants or flavourants. K9 Pet Foods stays true to the original objective, recipes are followed and new product development observes the use of the best quality ingredients and no synthetic, or by product replacements. K9 intends to offer the best quality healthy pet food into the future.






It all began 22 years ago when we could not find pet food which we considered healthy and nutritious enough for our own dogs. We started making dog food in our kitchen and as the neighbours and friends saw how healthy our dogs looked a business was born. Today the same recipes are sought after by discerning dog owners who seek natural, preservative free feeding options for their dogs. Almost a quarter of a century later and the original K9 recipes are still being followed with the same attention to detail and the same quality of raw material.



K9 Pet Foods is based in Montague Park, Montague Gardens and employs a staff of ten, the products are distributed across the greater Cape Town Metropole and are available in selected supermarkets, pet stores and vets.

K9 Pet Foods is continuing to develop healthy and nutritious pet products for a variety of preferred diets. K9 Pet Foods believes that an animal which exercises and obtains the required protein and minerals in the correct portions and frequency will enjoy a lifestyle with fewer complications due to a healthy gut. Fewer complications mean less stress for the owner and animal.

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